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What is Genome3D?

Genome3D provides consensus structural annotations and 3D models for sequences from model organisms, including human. These data are generated by several UK based resources in the Genome3D consortium: SCOP, CATH, SUPERFAMILY, Gene3D, FUGUE, THREADER, PHYRE.

In addition Genome3D integrates structural classification data from SCOP and CATH.

Genome3D is currently funded by the BBSRC.

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Genome3D Workshop

The 2014 Genome3D workshop was held at UCL and it all went very well - many thanks to all the speakers and attendees. The handout material is freely available from the links below: Download Handout Notes (PDF, 1.1MB) Download Slides (PDF, 8.7MB)

Disambiguation note: "" is a UK-based resource that provides 3D structural information for genomic protein sequences. If you are looking for Jim Zheng's framework for visualizing genomes in three-dimensional space (MUSC, South Carolina, US) then please follow this link (