SCOP is a database of relationships amongst proteins of known structure. Like the Linnaean taxonomy, it groups hierarchically protein domains by their near and far homology and structural similarity.

The Structural Classification of Proteins (SCOP) hierarchically organises discrete protein units (domains) on the basis of their structural and probable evolutionary relationships. The SCOP hierarchy comprises seven levels: protein Species, representing a distinct protein sequence and its variants; Protein, grouping together similar sequences with the same functions that either originate from different biological species or present different isoforms within the same organism; Family, organizing proteins of related sequences but distinct functions; Superfamily, bringing together protein families with common structural and functional features. At the root of the hierarchy, structurally similar superfamilies are grouped into Folds, which are further arranged into Classes based on their secondary structural content. SCOP is an established public resource to study sequence and structural divergence of homologous proteins and the structural changes they underwent in the course of evolution.

Group Leader:Alexey Murzin