Homo sapiens

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Accession Q8IXH6 [ UniProt ]
Name T53I2_HUMAN
Description Tumor protein p53-inducible nuclear protein 2
Species Homo sapiens
Sequence Length220

Enzyme Annotations (0)

    GO Annotations

    Cellular component (3)

    • GO:0005634 Nucleus
      A membrane-bounded organelle of eukaryotic cells in which chromosomes are housed and replicated. In most cells, the nucleus contains all of the cell's chromosomes except the organellar chromosomes, and is the site of RNA synthesis and processing. In some species, or in specialized cell types, RNA metabolism or DNA replication may be absent.
    • GO:0005776 Autophagosome
      A double-membrane-bounded compartment that engulfs endogenous cellular material as well as invading microorganisms to target them to the vacuole/lysosome for degradation as part of macroautophagy.
    • GO:0005829 Cytosol
      The part of the cytoplasm that does not contain organelles but which does contain other particulate matter, such as protein complexes.

    Molecular function (1)

    None predicted

    Biological process (2)

    • GO:0000045 Autophagosome assembly
      The formation of a double membrane-bounded structure, the autophagosome, that occurs when a specialized membrane sac, called the isolation membrane, starts to enclose a portion of the cytoplasm.
    • GO:0045893 Positive regulation of transcription, DNA-templated
      Any process that activates or increases the frequency, rate or extent of cellular DNA-templated transcription.

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