Welcome to Genome3D

Genome3D is a collaborative project that provides predictions of structural features for sequences from a number of model genomes (currently  human,  E-coli and  baker's yeast). Since the resource combines annotations from a number of independent resources, the consensus picture that builds up can often be more informative than the individual predictions alone.

An overview of some of the features this resource provides:

  • Structural Annotations -- regions of protein sequences that have been matched to structural domains (from CATH or SCOP)
  • Structural Models -- regions of protein sequences that have been modelled in 3D (based on similarity to a CATH or SCOP domain)
  • Consensus Superfamilies -- an official collaboration between the structural domain classification databases CATH and SCOP

Genome3D Partners

The Genome3D project brings together a number of leading UK structure-based prediction resources. It incorporates the structural classification resources SCOP and CATH to provide consensus information on 3D structures of genomic sequences. Genome3D is currently funded by the BBSRC.